How to Make Balloon Arches For Weddings and Parties

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balloon arches

To make a balloon arch, start by making a garland. To make a garland, cut beading wire to the length that you would like. String the balloons along the wire and tie the ends. Add smaller balloons and make sure to leave at least 18 inches of unused wire. Then, you can hang the arch on the wall. To create an elegant and whimsical display, use different coloured balloons and add a few more extras.

Steps To Make An Arch

Once the garland is installed, you can attach the rest of the balloons using string, wire, or a hammer and nail. String or wire is a safer alternative to helium. You can also add foliage or fresh flowers to your arch for a natural look. Hanging the arch requires a hammer and nails, but a hammer and a pair of scissors are also necessary. Then, admire your work!

If you are having a birthday party, use a pegboard or command strips to hang the balloons. Put one hook in the centre and two side hooks 12 inches below the centre hook. Then, hook the middle of the garland over the centre hook. Make sure the excess wire from the balloons is wrapped around the side hooks. Arrange them so that they form an arch. When finished, tie a bow around each of them.

Once you have completed these steps, the balloons are ready to be used as a decorative element. Once inflated, you may want to use a pump to speed up the inflation process. Alternatively, you can use a fishing line to act as a frame for the balloons. A clear fishing line is ideal because it won’t show through the balloon arch once it is assembled. This method makes arch decorating an easy project. You will be able to find many different designs, colours, and styles to fit your party.

balloon arches

Why Make A Balloon Arch

A balloon arch is an excellent way to create beautiful, unique decor for a birthday party or other special event. The arches will add an extra wow factor to your event. The kit comes with a detailed supply list and step-by-step instructions. You can follow the step-by-step guide and create a balloon arch that matches the theme of the event. For a unique and personal touch, consider an arch that is made just for you!

Purchasing A Balloon Arch

You can purchase a balloon arch of various heights. A 24′ arch is needed for a 6′ table. For an arch that spans eight feet, you can use a 16′ or smaller arch frame. Alternatively, a balloon arch can be attached to a gift table or a cake table. Unlike full-size arches, table balloons are inexpensive. In addition to the cost, a table balloon arch will also be attached to a smaller table.

Once you have the right size and shape for the arch, you can tie it off. To make sure your arch will stay up for years to come, you can even rent a backdrop frame for your balloon arch. Backdrops are ideal for showers, birthdays, corporate events, and outdoor celebrations. If you can’t find the right backdrop, you can make your own with a brick or cinderblock. If you don’t want to mess with a traditional cinderblock, you can wrap it in coloured paper and paint it to match your balloons.

Alternative Options

For a more elegant, traditional look, you can choose a String of Pearls balloon arch. This arched design consists of helium-filled balloons tied together on a monofilament line. It can provide an elegant look to a room, but it can be a time-consuming process. To make this style more affordable, you can use foil balloons, also known as Mylar balloons. If you don’t have time to string hundreds of balloons, you can use a few larger ones for the same effect.

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