Party tablecloths for sale online

A party tablecloth is the perfect way to decorate any table for your event – from cake and present display tables, to a sit-down meal arrangement. At DEJ’s Party Shop, we have a huge range to suit any special event.

Our party tablecloths come in a range of materials, shapes, sizes and designs including;

  • paper or plastic tablecloths – ideal for kids parties and food or present display tables. You can choose to keep them or throw them away after your event
  • coloured tablecloths to fit with any special theme or decoration colour scheme
  • themed tablecloths with messages for birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, engagements, weddings, anniversaries.

DEJ’s Party Shop is also pleased to offer a wide range of other table decorations to complete your party, from banners and streamers to confetti and other table scatters.